Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Once you've signed up, download our app. You can also login via the OCC website.
  2. Select a restaurant. Make a reservation or simply show up at designated times.
  3. Once you arrive, open the app or web browser and hit the check-in button.
  4. Show server your check-in confirmation and ID.
  5. Order an entree (or the equivalent of an entree) and enjoy half off cocktails! 

You must order an entree, or appetizers and/or sides that total the restaurant's least expensive entree.

Any alcoholic beverage! OCC membership can be applied to a single drink, bottle of wine (some exlusions may apply) or pitcher. Bottles of wine and pitchers require everyone at the table to be a member.

The OCC app and website will both show all available restaurants for any given day.

Restaurants choose which days they want to participate, so always check the app or website to see when they are available.

Restaurants have 3 different options to participate:

All Day: Members can use their membership during all open hours, including lunch!

Dinner: The restaurant is participating during regular dinner hours.

Early Bird: Members must be seated by 6:30pm.

You must be at least 21 years old with a valid form of ID.

Unlimited! You can use your membership as often as you would like.

Some restaurants are available for breakfast, brunch or lunch, while others are not. If the restaurant is available "All Day", you can receive half-off during all of the restaurant's open hours that day.

The OCC membership only allows the member half-off alcoholic beverages. 

Our memberships are $9.99 per month or $99 for the year. If you go out once per month, it pays for itself!

You can still use your membership for half off cocktails, but it cannot be combined with other promotions. 

You are allowed to order appetizers and/or sides that total the restaurant’s least expensive entrée.

Early Bird means seated by 6:30pm. Some restaurants may extend their Early Bird later, which will be noted on their restaurant page.

Walk-ins are at the discretion of the restaurant. In order to ensure your fine dining experience, we recommend making a reservation prior to arrival.

You can cancel anytime. You will be able to use OCC until your billing cycle is completed. 

Please contact support and provide us your government issued ID, and we will happily update your account.

Your subscription will be renewed automatically depending on the plan you selected, either every month or year. You can log into your account through to see the exact date that you will be billed. 

You can always log onto your account via and view the next time you will be charged in the billing section.

You can update your card on file at any time! Just log into your account and edit in the billing section.

Original Cocktail Club (OCC) PROTECTS your private information. OCC collects limited personal data such as subscriber name, postal delivery address, e-mail address, payment method and telephone number, and other similar information. We use this information to manage user accounts, process payments, contact users, and enhance and personalize OCC services and marketing efforts. We never share your personal information or specifics with anyone.